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Lute partitas vol 1, Sylvius Leopold Weiss - Musica Universalis. Total time: 51:20. Booklet - 12 pages. Some of the best Weiss Partitas from the Grussau manuscript originaly kept at the Cisterian convent in Krzeszow. For the purpose of this recording I have chosen two of them: D minor and B flat major. In the manuscript both are entitled „Parthia”, which signifies a piece for a solo instrument in form of a suite. Parthia in D minor has concordant versions both in the Dresden manuscript and the manuscript currently kept in London, but originally housed in Prague. Both versions are shorter: only the Krzeszow partita has all the eight movements including the Prelude and the Bouree.


Parthie in D minor

1. Prelude - 1'52
2. Allemande - 5'28
3. Courante - 3'59
4. Bourree - 2'03
5. Sarabande - 3'19
6. Menuet - 2'47
7. Gavotte - 2'23
8. Gigue - 3'55

Parthie in B flat major

9. Allemande - 5'20
10. Courante - 4'34
11. Bourree - 2'45
12. Sarabande - 6'45
13.Menuet - 1'56
14. Presto - 4'05